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Jack Cola (John Colaiacovo) was born in the Bronx, New York. Cola attended high school in Throggs Neck, New York and then went on to college where he received his bachelor's degree in criminal justice with a minor in business administration. From there, he went to Manhattan and received his masters in Jurisprudence. 

With a knack for consulting, Cola began working for several highly respected consulting firms. His presence there has always been positive—he increased each company's visibility in terms of profit and image.

While working for Lucentra, a leading global consulting firm that specializes in international business development and business expansion, Cola became involved with two very special charities. Those two charities are the 9/11 Fund and the Suicide Prevention Hotline. The 9/11 Fund is near and dear to Cola’s heart, as his childhood best friend perished on that day.Cola sits on the board of the fund and is its largest single contributor. He is able to get contributions to the fund through various companies and CEO's that he knows in business.

Staying true to his New York roots, Cola has been heavily involved with the rebuilding of lower Manhattan and the freedom tower that is set to open in late 2014. The Suicide Prevention Hotline that he is involved in is one of a kind. He was able to get thousands of voice over Internet production lines from Centel Voice. This service helps to provide a faster response time to urgent calls. It also allows first responders to ensure they are going to the right location, because when dealing with a situation like this, time is very precious. He has also raised money through golf tournaments in which the proceeds went to hiring to professionals to train newly hired hotline operators.

Cola’s charitable contributions don’t stop there. He is also involved with the Women’s Resources of America. This is a dual-purpose charity. You can donate your old phone and have it be properly recycled and refurbished, which then becomes a new phone for a woman who has been a victim of domestic violence and abuse. These phones, no matter the condition, are lifelines. This charity not only aids in protecting the environment, but it can potentially save someone's life. Cola’s charitable contributions speak of his willingness to help those who are in need. He has a very diverse group of charities that he is involved in, each touching all parts of the world. He will continue to contribute to his charitable works.